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Encounters from a Kayak:Native People, Sacred Places, and Hungry Polar Bears Nigel Foster

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Island Adventures: Disconnecting in the Caribbe...
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The true stories in this audiobook are about temporarily disconnecting from the ordinary life of a big-city lawyer to experience exotic islands, strange creatures, and different cultures. One tale is about an eye-to-eye encounter with a mother humpback whale and her calf in the isles of Tonga. It left the author shaking as if an electric current was pulsing through his body. Another is a gripping account of a too-close-for-comfort experience with a sperm whale that left the author with wet shorts. After a harrowing search to find them, leaders of the outlaws of Kalalau share with the author why their commitment to living by the aloha spirit requires the rejection of materialistic society, technology, and the law. In another chapter, the author explains why the citizens of the tiny nation of Palau hold the title of the most litigious people in the world. Palauans have filed more lawsuits than there are people in Palau. The audiobook begins with the tragic tale of Hurricane Mitch chasing down the sailing ship Fantome to kill all hands aboard. It ends with the author relating his own mystical experience when lost and alone at sea in a kayak at night and reflecting on whether salvation was or was not by the grace of God. The stories are not so much a travelogue as a vicarious island-hopping adventure and spiritual journey. Listening to this little audiobook is intended to take the listener out of the busyness of daily life for awhile. It might also inspire a more adventurous and more consciously spiritual approach to life. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Scott Zdanis. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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