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From Port Elizabeth: Full Day Garden Route Adve...
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Go to the heart of the Garden Route on this full day tour to Tsitsikamma National Park known for the Otter Trail and famous Storms River mouth. The Park covers 80 km of coastline and is situated at the picturesque tourist region known as the Garden Route, found in the Eastern Cape of South Africa and protects a wonderland of inter-tidal and marine life. With this tour - relax and enjoy a scenic drive along the Garden Route, as we take you to Tsitsikamma. See Storms River Bridge and after we'll stop over to the charming Storms River Village. Next, you'll be taken to the National Park where you'll go on a guided walk. Journey through forest footpaths to the famous Storms River Suspension Bridge, where you'll be blown away by the incredible natural beauty. Chose to add on a adventurous activity like: Kayak and Lilo experience where you will go deeper into the ancient forest. Or perhaps you would like to Zip line through Tsitsikamma or Segway along the quaint forest village.

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